Cute Wolfie Prints tee by NicoleI had the pleasure of hanging out and being taught silkscreen printing by Nicole Brayshaw Bond, the owner and designer of Queen St. West (TdotO) based Wolfie Prints. I have to say that she is probably one of the most personable individuals I’ve met in a very long time. Super easy going and most importantly creative! She has a web-site and a blog (which hasn’t been updated in forever) showcasing her unique designs and personal creations. One of my favourite things about Wolfie Prints has to be the “Babuschka Chic“, as Nicole describes it, designs. She also does custom made pieces but, personally, everything she creates is custom cause it’s not mass produced! 

 Do check Wolfie Prints out especially if you’re into ‘Babuschka Chic’ or at least want to know what it is!


2 thoughts on “WOLFIE PRINTS

  1. What happened to the Peach Berserk name? Has it become Wolfie Prints now, or am I confusing two different thing?

    • Nicole works at Peach Berserk and instructs the silkscreen workshop, she has her own collection called Wolfie Prints. I will do a blog on Kingi, the owner of Peach Berserk and her stuff.

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