Corrine, designer + owner of biko designs

 Marilyn Monroe red nail polish, Charleston inspired dark bob, an adorable bright coloured silk dress and silently stunning jewellery… this was my first impression of a Torontonian designer and owner of biko, Corrine Anestopoulos.  I have been a fan of biko jewellery for couple of years now and actually have the web-site bookmarked in my favourites, but it was truly a pleasure to chat with Corrine. She is a youthful, sweet and sociable lady, and her personality definitely shines through her unique rustic necklaces, bracelets and earrings. She has been a ‘full-time’ biko jewellery designer for only 6 years, and a number of stores around the world carry her collections. I was surprised to hear that Corrine has no inspiration to open her own boutique. She loves the wholesale side of business and enjoys having a personal connection with her customers and distributors.   I have to say that there isn’t anything out there that even slightly resembles biko jewellery designs. It is impressively vintage looking with a contemporary twist. My favourite has to be a long brass Kaleidoscope necklace, it is an attention grabber! I had to have her brass Chalcedony Leafdrop Earrings; they are truly stunning and come in a variety of drops. Although I personally love the authentic look of brass jewellery, Corrine works with a number of materials including lucite (which is really amazing), gold, semi-precious stones, crystal and others.   

 What I love most is the fact that Corrine creates pieces that are one step ahead of current trends and timeless at the same time. They are also affordable! The fact that she

is a great individual makes me want to support her even more! It’s great to see someone with her level of success being so humble and still passionate about her craft.

For a list of stores that carry biko, visit the web-site in the links section. You will not be dissapointed!    

* Photo of the KALEIDOSCOPE NECKLACE,, Apr.-3-10 

One thought on “BIKO JEWELLERY

  1. I looked at the their full catalog – some of the things are super-cute, but some look like a bunch of old rusty things attached to the equally old chain. Maybe it’s just the level of “artsiness” I don’t get :))

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