Legend Design *1

Legend Design *2

I thought I have seen it all when it comes to jewellery design and material use. Once again, I have realized I am too young to know it all! I have recently met the creative designer of Toronto based Legend Design. He creates everything from rings and bracelets to pins and necklaces from Washi Paper, very unique, colourful and traditional Japanese handmade paper. Most intriguing are all the wonderful diverse shapes that the jewellery comes in. The earnings designs vary from butterflies and flowers to frogs and palm trees. The rings are big, bold and beautiful, just the way I like ‘em. And although the necklaces are delicate, they will definitely make a statement with any outfit.  All of the carefully handmade designs are protected by lacquer finish and the earring hooks are sterling silver to abide by European Union standards.      

The company focuses on distributing its one-of-a-kind creations to museums including Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Louvre in Paris! I was notified that for single-customer ordering through the web-site may not be efficient since those ‘single orders’ tend to get lost and forgotten. At least they were honest…        

 Personally, the web-site photos do not compare to the real designs, so if you come across Legend Design jewellery on your next trip to a museum or an art gallery, the jewellery would definitely make a great gift for someone who think they have seen it all, and/or yourself.        

*1 Necklace photo, http://www.yesidoido.com/Washi%20Nickleg.html, Apr.-4-10          

*2 Earrings photo, http://www.yesidoido.com/Washi%20Earring%201.html, Apr.-4-10        


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