I don’t own anything that even closely resembles boho-chic, but I am in love with Vancouver leather designer Ken Diamond.  He is most known for the handmade, deer leather soft and comfy moccasins that look great with everything from a pair of skinny jeans to a linen summer dress. Every product that Ken Diamond offers, including wallets, bags, belts and even dog leashes, is of the utmost quality and it shows! Ken Diamond’s designs are classic, they will never go out of style, and because they will last a life-time, due to the quality of craftsmanship, chances are, you won’t need to waste money on repurchasing that everyday leather bag of yours.     

 It would be a great pleasure to meet Ken and his girlfriend Jolene, but in the mean time the best I can do is brag about their leather craftsmanship and classic, laid-back leather designs with exceptional quality that I can’t get enough of. Let’s hope they will start distributing their goodies all over the world (especially in Tdot) soon.  

NEWS: Ken Diamond goodies will be sold in Toronto at The Narwhal Art Project on Queen St. west and Magic Pony starting fall 2010. Can’t wait!


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