DRESS… the bathroom

Plush Toilet Paper Slipcovers


 I recently discovered how to spruce up my bathroom. I guarantee that no one will guess how. It’s not by taking on a DIY project or by inviting Mike Holmes in, not even by purchasing new towels, but by ‘dressing’ my toilet paper! This is untraditional, I realize that, but I love it!   

 An interior designer, Ashley Bronte, who is the owner of DRESS…   the bathroom line and Bronte Design, came up with this brilliant creation during one of her work projects. The toilet paper slipcovers come in a wide variety of luxurious fabrics, textures, colours, designs and decorative pins. The prices depend on the distinctive accessories such as the glistening pins, and the quality of fabric. Ashley actually uses imported fabrics from around the world, and this adds to the plush design of the slipcovers. Personally, I think these would make the most wonderful housewarming gifts that will be remembered forever. They are fun, creative, conversational and most importantly, fabulous!   

DRESS…   web-site is not yet fully functional but it will be ready in another couple of months. None the less, if you like the pictures, and would like to order a one-of-a-kind toilet paper slipcover for yourself or as a gift, please e-mail brontedesign@mac.com. Ashley is very personable as well as accommodating, and I guarantee that you will be ecstatic with the product. The slipcovers definitely put a smile on my face every time I walk into a bathroom.   

In addition, Ashley will be expanding DRESS… to include all types of clothing and accessories such as purses, gloves, jackets, baby clothes, and much more! 

I will add the link to DRESS… web-site once it is fully running and keep you posted on Ashley’s new ventures.


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