SPICE SAFAR – no longer open

Latte at Spice Safar

Spice Safar boutique, bakery and cafe lounge has become my regular Saturday morning retreat.  Located on King St. West and Brant St., this lovely intimate cafe surprisingly turns into a nightclub/ lounge Thursday through Sunday nights.  I, however, love it for the tasty latte and rooibos latte offered here. Each cup, if you are staying for a while (which I usually do), is classically served with a mini dessert that’s perfect to curb your cravings and won’t ruin your diet, and sparkling water served in a shot class to clean your palate (which I don’t get because I love the aftertaste of coffee). The rooibos tea latte is also accompanied by a mini flask of spiced syrup concoction. This is a delightful addition to this already special drink since the rooibos tea leafs are brewed in an espresso maker, which I have never seen before.    


The founder and CEO, Wil Leibenberg, who is extremely passionate about his business and his Québec accent makes him even more charismatic, let me in on his secrets behind the idea for Spice Safar. He got his inspiration from travelling around the world, and especially Paris. Everything that is served is made from the freshest ingredients and spices, and accompanied by a relaxing, luxurious atmosphere where the customers indulge and forget. The espresso beans come from a remote pesticide-free coffee plantation in Mexico. Although I can’t taste the difference between coffee beans grown with or without pesticides, I do know a great shot of espresso, and Spice Safar offers one of the best roasts I have tried in Toronto. The beans are perfectly roasted and have a slight nutty smell and taste, which I really enjoy. In addition, although I am not a creature of habit, when it comes to coffee I always get the same thing. Spice Safar makes my Saturday mornings very easy in terms of getting my caffeine fix since their menu is limited;  latte (regular or skim), rooibos tea latte (regular or skim), espresso (long or short), Americano and cappuccino (skim or regular). This enables their baristas to be more attentive and easy going.      

For fashionable coffee lovers, Spice Safar is the place to visit.     


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