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Traditional art forms are strikingly beautiful. The handmade work of Robert Wu, a bookbinder, marbler, boxmaker and gilder extraordinaire, validates this statement.  Robert works from a studio in Toronto and creates the most striking, meticulous art work by perfecting the traditional leather bookbinding techniques and marbling process.  

I met Robert by being instantly drawn to his numerous colourful marbling paintings presented at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. The marbling process is very detail oriented and remarkable, to say the least. In a nutshell, as per Robert’s web-site (check it out in the links section), marbling is done by applying various watercolours onto a gelatin-like water mixture, creating a design and then rolling a cotton sheet of paper onto the water mixture to transfer the design to the paper. The end result is an intricate colourful painting with an illusion that the shapely design is floating on top of the paper. The closer you come towards Robert’s marbling designs, the more impressed and obsessed you become with them. I couldn’t resist his work, and the price is right too!  

 Robert is also a master of handmade leather bookbinding. He creates, designs, and decorates covers and slipcases for books, photo albums, and art portfolios by following a traditional Parisian bookbinding technique. He also makes beautiful leather boxes. In addition, everything that Robert designs and creates, he can recreate in miniature size!  

I can’t begin to describe how fascinated I am with the work produced by Studio Robert Wu. I enjoyed Robert’s humble demeanor and found his passion for traditional art inspiring. He is truly great at his craftsmanship.
If I could force everyone who reads this blog to visit Studio Robert Wu web-site to learn more about Robert’s work and process, and see pictures (which don’t compare to the real thing), I would!!! Trust me, you will love it!

Robert Wu




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