Yummy French Macaroons at Nadege


 If you are looking for delicious and luxurious French pastry, cakes,  lunch sandwiches and a buoyant atmosphere, Nadège on Queen St. West is the place to go. I can not walk by it (even if I am on the opposite side of the street) without going in to buy at least one of their signature French macarons. The macarons come in 8 different flavours that all taste heavenly; cappuccino is, of course, my favourite. All of the goodies are made fresh in the bakery located at the back of the café. You can actually see the kitchen and the individuals working there from the moment you walk in. Seeing the kitchen staff dressed in their crispy clean white uniforms in the cleanest kitchen I have ever seen, makes me comfortable ordering everything available at Nadège.    

 The bleach white decor is refreshing and perfect for showcasing the colourful variety of goodies available at the café. The staff is friendly, accommodating and quick. The weekend queue is worth waiting in to try at least one of the mouth-watering French macarons.    

For address, hours and phone number check out the web-site in the links section.


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