*anne taintor coin purse


There is nothing more exciting than revisiting a place that, once upon a time, you had a connection with, to find it better than ever. This is exactly how I felt leaving propaganda (686 Yonge st. Toronto north of Wellesley) after browsing through numerous pieces of jewelry, clothing, purses, books, and many many many other accessories and chatting with the store owner, Regina



Regina Sheung opened propaganda 11 years ago (even she can’t believe it’s been that long but congrats to her), and since I can remember, propaganda was always fashionably stacked with the coolest little things around. In addition, most of the items are from Canadian designers and artists, which I am a huge supporter of. The store carries Valerie Dumaine clothing collection, Mimi & Marge, Harriet Grey, and Roadkill jewelry,  Anne Taintor accessories, as well as Monster Factory plush toys. These are some of my personal favourites. 

 What differentiates propaganda from other stores is the fact that it constantly evolves and matures, just like its clientele, but continues to stay modern and unique. None the less, no matter your age or your interests, I bet that something will catch your eye while browsing through the store. In addition, no one can ever go wrong with a unique leather purse or a stunning pair of earrings or a necklace with a tiny pendant revolver (love it)! It is also a great place for gifts for those who have everything, or at least think they have everything.     

Although I would encourage visiting the store if you can, just because Regina is a treat to meet and her store is one of a kind, none the less, you can visit the online store at Be aware that the location has more things than the web-site.     



* Apr.22.2010


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