ROCK OF AGES: in Toronto

* Rock of Ages Poster

Although I was born in the late 1980’s and, unfortunately, missed the ‘sex, drugs and rock-n-roll’ era, I still have a connection to the music of that time. As such, I had an absolute blast experiencing Rock of Ages, a musical based on a book by Chris D’Arienzo. The show featured some of the biggest hits of the 80’s including Don’t Stop Believing by Journey, Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar, and Here I Go Again by Whitesnake, just to name a few.

 The simplest and most appropriate way to describe Rock of Ages is: it is rocking! The voices were spectacular, the outfits risky to say the least (suggested age is 14 +) but appropriate given the era, and the plot resembles one of the Guns N’ Roses love ballads, which is also very fitting. In addition, when it comes to the 80’s, nothing is complete without an insane amount of glitter, sparkles, spandex, and neon colours, which were all present at the show. Overall, a truly well-structured, organized, and designed production that is worth spending money on.

 My friend and I had a great time, and I have to say the same thing for the rest of the sold out crowd. The cast got a well-deserved standing ovation at the end of the show.  I honestly did not overhear any unsatisfactory feedback walking out of The Royal Alexandra Theatre. It was a spectacular show, and I would advise seeing it.

* Rock of Ages Poster,, Apr.23.2010


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