GOOD EGG: Kensington Market

Good Egg


One of my favourite neighbourhoods in Tdot is Kensington Market. It reminds me of the old hip Queen St. West before it went commercial on us (east of Bathurst anyways). Last weekend, my friend and I randomly walked into a charming little store in Kensington called Good Egg. At first glance, I was unable to pin point the store’s exact specialty, but after being drawn to a huge variety of cook books and colourful kitchen gadgets, I realized that I was in a kitchen fashionista heaven. Beginners cooking classes are also offered at the store, but they fill up quickly. Since we all know someone who doesn’t know how to cook… be a good friend, and let them know they need help and Good Egg can help. I do have to mention that Mika Bareket, the owner, also does a fabulous job picking out other specialty books that aren’t food related. My favourite out of the ‘non-cook-related’ readings is The Little Dictionary of Fashion by none other than Christian Dior. 

267 Augusta Ave., Toronto


Overall, if you’re ever hanging about Kensington Market, which I highly recommend you do, Good Egg is one of the stores to check out. I also love love love the store’s aphorism “if food, like sleep, is a basic human need, and we dream while we sleep, should we not dream while we eat?” I agree, and I do! 

Check out the web-site where you can register for classes and get e-mails for upcoming events and lovely little things.


One thought on “GOOD EGG: Kensington Market

  1. The name makes me think of that scene from Julie & Julia, when the first thing they teach in a beginner cooking class is how to boil an egg 🙂

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