POWER YOGA: Lori Kirwan


* Lori Kirwan Photo by Andrei Kalamkarov


My newest obsession is a Power Yoga class taught by Lori Kirwan. A friend and I religiously attend it, and recruit others to come and try as well. A couple of months ago, I was literally dragged to take Lori’s class. I didn’t think I would enjoy it since I’m not a yoga fan, but was I ever wrong! I love Power Yoga for two reasons: first, it is an intense yoga class that has helped to relieve my constant shoulder tension and has made it easier for me to run, second, Lori is fabulous. She is a world-class instructor who is exceptionally great at her craft. She has a PhD in Exercise Physiology from University of Toronto (a big deal if you ask me), she’s a spokesperson for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, she has written numerous articles for well-known exercise and nutrition magazines, and, as mentioned previously, a great instructor and person. I enjoy her way of teaching since she always changes the routine and challenges her students by regularly adding new exercises. 

 Since spring is in the air and summer is right around the corner, I would like to encourage you to try something new and different that will benefit your body and mind long-term. After all, you may find your new passion (just like I’ve found Power Yoga) or at least you can be 100% sure you don’t like a particular exercise. However, it’s important to be dedicated and not to give up (which most of us do especially when it comes to regular exercise). If you don’t like what you’ve tried, reward yourself for the attempt, but then try something else until you finally discover what you can add to your routine and thus diversify it. Once you find that special something, stick to it. I find that going with a friend and having a good instructor are enough for me to keep going. I’m sure that with a little dedication, you’ll be able to find routines you can stick to.  In addition, continue trying and doing new things. 

 If you ever get a chance to take one of Lori’s classes, please do! Here is Lori’s web-site with class schedule, her bio, articles, and a blog. http://poolofsweat.com/ 

I also want to thank Andrei Kalamkarov for letting me use one of his stunning photos of Lori. 

* Photo: http://www.andreikalamkarov.com/, Apr.27.10.


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