PEACH BERSERK: Kingi Carpenter

Peach Berserk Dresses


Kingi Carpenter is Queen St. West’s prominent fashionista. She is a proud owner of Peach Berserk (507 Queen Street West), an adorable silkscreening clothing boutique that specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind prints, funky clothing, and custom orders. I have always enjoyed exploring Peach Berserk because in addition to loads of retro inspired accessories and outfits, the atmosphere is wonderful; it could not get any more 80’s, enjoyable, personable and, well, peachy! Every customer will have a wonderful experience shopping at Peach Berserk. Kingi, or one of her staff, will help you choose a dress, tee-shirt, skirt, or hoodie that you like. If something needs alterations, you can bet it’ll be done in a timely manner. You will also meet the lovely Peach Berserk team, and see them working away sewing, printing and designing right there in the store.  

One of the best things about Peach Berserk is the silkscreening class offered every second Sunday. After taking this class, I’m hooked on silkscreening! Kingi and her team, including Nicole of Wolfie Prints, will teach you how to silkscreen, and also explain how to set up a silkscreening studio. Kingi is always open to answering any questions via e-mail, she is quite diligent at that. Most importantly the class is fun, creative, and personal!   

If you have any interest in learning how Andy Warhol created his art, Peach Berserk is the place to go. Take the class and be sure to check out unique clothes! Interested?? -> Peach Berserk website is in the Links section. 



Employee at Peach Berserk





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