ART SQUARE gallery & cafe

Smoked Salmon & Goat Cheese

The constant love-hate relationship with restaurant and take-out food is finally over, for me anyways. Recently, I discovered that my body is able to emotionally thank me for the food I fuel it with. Last week, I spontaneously decided to get lunch at Art Square Gallery & Cafe (334 Dundas St. W, opposite the AGO).  It is a bit unorthodox to order food at an art gallery but since I’m not religious and enjoy most things eccentric, I briskly hopped into Art Square with a friend for lunch. And boy, am I ever grateful that I did!

Chicken with Dark Chocolate & Tea

The menu is extraordinary and will surely excite your taste buds. The menu, consisted of savory and sweet crepes (buckwheat or unbleached flour), organic teas, coffees and hot chocolate, as well as liquor (mostly used as an ingredient in sweet crepes and specialty coffees), was quite exciting as it reveals all the ingredients that make up every single dish, even the ingredients that the crepes and sauces are made of are noted on the menu! This way you know you’re getting quality food. Also, the kitchen is wide open, another great sign of a good restaurant/ cafe that has nothing to hide. Any who, back to the food… the savory crepes are my favourite especially the buckwheat crepe with grilled chicken and Mayan organic dark chocolate (my lunch, and also a dream come true) and buckwheat crepe with smoked salmon and goat cheese (friend’s lunch). Both were served with an organic greens salad that was perfectly dressed. The teas are exceptional as well! They come in a mini teapot that steeps loose tea leafs, berries, blossoms, dried fruit, petals and other additions depending on the type of tea you would like.

Art Square Gallery & Cafe

You can pretty much bet that the food at Art Square is as unique and original as one of Christian Dior Haute Couture gowns, and this applies to everything on the menu!

Art Square cafe is a breath of fresh air when it comes to food. You know what you’re eating and after your meal, your body truly feels revitalized. I’ve never had a vitamin make me feel as great as the food at Art Square.  I will also go as far as to say that after my lunch, I felt happier than I did after a recent purchase of a new pair of gorgeous and absolutely fabulous Ralph Lauren high heels (this is a shocking realization even for me).

Curious to see the menu? Visit Art Square web-site in the Links section.


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