HEN JEWELRY: Genevieve Smolders

Chain-Mail Earrings

WHAT? Lovable, wearable and unique Canadian jewelry line, hen.

WHEN? hen, since 2008

WHY? To personally experience the latest collection from hen jewelry and meet Genevieve Smolders, the designer. Hen is Gen’s childhood nickname.

WHERE? I’ll let you know what stores carry hen, meanwhile, one can order online or contact Gen directly.

THE DISH: Genevieve’s spring 2010 collection is whimsical, dreamy, colourful, youthful, energetic, eager (if jewelry could express itself), and most importantly one-of-a-kind.

Vintage Button Necklace

What’s fresh about hen is that every piece is crafted by the designer, the fabulous Genevieve, for the designer. It is not often you find the creator truly making something for herself/ himself without much consideration of the society and what’s going to be popular. After meeting Gen, I could clearly tell that each and every ring, bracelet, necklace and pair of earrings had 100% Gen written all over. While Gen was showcasing her jewelry at Czehoski Restaurant to me, a number of people have expressed

Double Chain Scissors Necklace

 interest and complimented her on the collection. Gen was very modest with her thank you’s and genuinely  kept up conversations with complete strangers.  I, of course, was like a kid in a candy store picking up the first thing that caught my eye, noticing and taking the next one but not letting go of the previous one. Genevieve (love that name!) was very enthusiastic, engaged, and open discussing the inspirations for each piece of jewelry I grabbed. I had a lovely time and went home with couple of hen pieces.

MOST WANTED: Vintage button bracelet, feather necklace, teacup necklace (super creative), chain-mail earrings. All of these will get you noticed in a uniquely elegant way.

SUGGESTION: Visit the web-site, it’s the cutest of the cute, and Gen did it all by herself.


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