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After anxiously waiting for over 2 weeks to have dinner at Ruby Watchco, my expectations and excitement level was soaring quite high when I stepped through that door. Luckily, Lynn Crawford’s restaurant met and exceeded my astronomical expectations. It is honestly quite difficult to explain how satisfied my friend Charlotte and I were and still are with every single thing at Ruby Watchco. I even dreamt about it, honestly!   

The restaurant seats approximately 50 individuals, and serves between 100 and 150 fabulous people a night. Be prepared, it gets very busy and boisterous, in a lovely way though! The atmosphere is very intimate, eclectic yet elegant which attracts everyone from young professionals to fashion editors to established businessmen and women to TV personalities, to tattoo shop owners, to anyone who can afford the most amazing $50 meal. One thing I’m sure about, no matter who you are, what you look like or what you do, you will be treated with the same level of quality service as everyone else around you.  Having Lynn Crawford (if you don’t know who she is, google the name, you will be impressed) and Lora Kirk personally prepare your meals and visibly cook through the night is definitely a treat that attracts many fans. Because the kitchen is out in the open, the entire restaurant smells delicious!   

The beauty and uniqueness of Ruby Watchco is firstly, all of the meals are made from Canadian and local ingredients. Secondly, there is one fixed menu for each night. They certainly accommodate allergies however you will be unable to substitute that delicious Pan Seared Ling Cod with Manila Clam Chowder for a steak. This, I believe, enables Ruby Watchco to continually deliver excellent quality of food as well as service.   

My rating: 15 out of 10. It is my favourite restaurant!   

Location: 730 Queen St. East, Tdot   

Price: $49.00   

Vibe: if you were to put all the tables together, everyone would get along and have a blast.   

Food: Fabulous, fresh, home cooked to perfection and locally grown.   

Service: the waiters are chosen based on personality not looks like in most fancy restaurants, and ability to be friendly not annoying.  

To see what will be for dinner tonight, check out the web-site in the Links section.


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