Tokyo Milk‘s adorable cosmetic and body products have been catching my eye for quite a while now however never I had the 

 need for a new lip balm or candle. That all changed when I noticed a Gin & Rosewater No.12 perfume and instantly fell in love with the unique fragrance, adorable packaging and an affordable price. 

The range of products including cosmetics, candles, perfumes, and body lotions all have cleverly cute names, the appropriate whimsical girly look and most importantly,  have natural, non overwhelming and cleverly combined scents ranging from peppermint and vanilla to green tea to gin and rosewater to tobac and amberwood! This adds up to a great product that’s bound to make every girl feel special, happy and unique. 

Visit their web-site (Links) to see what unique products you may fancy. They are sold at many boutiques all of Tdot including Blue Banana Market in Kensington, many shops on Queen St. West, and plenty more shops in Yorkville. It will certainly be a guilt free treat!


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