Mary Macleod's storefront

Cookies are everyone’s best friends especially when they’re fresh, buttery and melt in your mouth. Mary Macleod’s handmade shortbread is ‘the quintessence of shortbread’. Mary, an immigrant from Scotland, established her successful bakery in 1981 on 639 Queen St. East by using natural ingredients, her Grandmother’s traditional shortbread recipe and remixing it with unique flavours. Needless to say, Mary has maintained a very successful and well renown business ever since.

Chocolate Crunch Shortbread

Although she only used to distribute cookies to restaurants, food boutiques and cafes around Ontario, she recently opened a mini shop at the storefront of the original bakery that will soon be upgraded to the first Mary Macleod’s Shortbread store. If you’ve never tried these heavenly shortbread, just come to the store are you’re guaranteed to get a complimentary cookie and you will most certainly come back for more!

Have you had a cookie today?


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