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Ever since `video killed the radio star`, there are 2 types of videos: the ones that make you love the song that you didn`t care about prior to watching the video, and the others that make you wish you never saw the video because it completely ruined the song you liked to begin with. To me, the recently released Rockstar 101 is unfortunately the second type of video. 

Since the title implies that the viewer is going to get a lesson in being a rock star, it is an unfortunate realization that the producer didn`t aim to represent even the slightest idea of rock throughout the video (the dark, Marilyn Manson vibe does not signify rock). When I think ‘rockstar’, especially a female rockstar, Courtney Love, Pat Benatar, Beth Ditto, Shirley Manson, Tina Turner, and even Alanis Morissette pop into my head. That said, Rihanna`s video does not resemble anything any of those female rockers defy and represent. It is an overblown production of designer costume changes, and lack thereof, as well as extravagant make up.  No matter how much I respect and enjoy Lady Gaga`s hallmark outlandish and vulgar videos, female artists should be encouraged to develop something of their own that relates to the song. 

With love, Nat.


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