Mizdragonfly Display


 I have always been fascinated with the idea of reusing and refurbishing goodies. For environmental and popularity reasons, a number of designers have really taken a liking to using recycled materials. However, to use recycled materials and to use them in a way that modernizes and enhances the original, are 2 different things.   

Mizdragonfly jewellery and accessory line by Karine Eyamie (a very lovely Canadian designer) incorporates recycled pieces with new ones, embraces the beauty of old with the new and adds funk and fun to her collections! The biggest reason why I’m drawn to Karine’s collections is because her handcrafted pieces all have an element of pop art and classy youth intertwined with bold shapes and colour. Chances are, if you were to wear a ring with a vintage sparkling elephant broach as a centre-piece, you will have no problems chatting with whomever you’re sitting beside at a fashion show. I can easily picture M.I.A, Robyn, and Agyness Deyn sporting Mizdragonfly.   

Check out Karine’s contemporary jewellery line, Mizdragonfly on her web-site ( links section). If you like what you see, her Etsy store is the place to go for attention grabbing purchases.   

Karine Eyamie and friend


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