ROBYN: Body Talk Pt.1

ROBYN Body Talk Pt.1 Cover

Robyn’s new CD, Body Talk pt.1 is OUT of this world! The first CD out of 3 (the next 2 will be released later on in 2010) has 8 unique tracks. Each song is different but the melodies and lyrics have ROBYN written all over them. Ranging from techno, to 80’s to reggae to pop to lullaby inspired tracks are pleasant to listen to in the car, on the way to and at work, parties and everywhere you wish. Although I love the whole CD, my top 3 are: Don’t f***ing tell me what to do (as simple as that), Dancehall Queen and None of Dem ft. Roykspp.

I got mine, get yours on itunes, at HMV, or your local record shop.


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