Stumbling upon one of Jillian Wood’s brilliant feather rings on Queen St. West, I fell in love. Headmistress headbands, clips, rings, bridal wear, pins and brooches are nothing short of fashionably forward. Although I was never the one to put clips of any kind in my hair, I am seriously considering dressing up my simple cut with one of Jillian’s attention grabbing, colourful designs. How can you not when they are that adorable?  Jillian caters to a wide range of clientele and carries a large number of products that are all reasonably priced. Thus, in addition to being creative (she makes all the pieces by herself, including dyeing the feathers), she is also business savvy, which is a great trait to have in the fashion industry.  I was also pleased to find out the Jillian is a Tdot native. Although her business truly took off in England in 2009, she came back to take over Canada by a storm as well. Today, numerous stores world-wide carry Headmistress and glossies love flaunting the unique headwear as well.

You can check out Headmistress lovely web-site in the links section, and purchases can be made through there as well.

*Photos: Headmistress web-site http://www.loveheadmistress.com


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