DRAMA & DESIRE: Artists and the Theatre

I very much enjoy going to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) since new and unique exhibits are constantly featured there. As King Tut’s grandiose display has left, a new and exciting exhibition titled Drama & Desire is taking over as the main attraction of the gallery. Running June 19 to September 26 (I had the pleasure of seeing it a bit ahead of schedule), the exhibit features over 100 greatest paintings dating from the French Revolution to The First World War that emphasize this periods’ obsession and fascination with performing arts, and theatre especially. What makes this exhibit unique is the fact that the experience of checking out the magnificent works of art is enhanced by specially designed lighting, sound, video, life performances (only during special days/ times), and neat decor. For example, Henry Fuseli’s grant painting “Lear Banishing Cordelia” is featured in a smaller room with comfortable seating. As observers are passing by, a scene from Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ is performed through the speakers and enhanced by lighting as either King Lear or Cordelia speak.

Drama & Desire is a very well structured, organized and though through exhibit that should attract and satisfy many. A number of things featured there I have never heard of or seen before including theatre maquettes: insanely detailed 3D recreations of theatre stages. I also really enjoyed a gallery dedicated to a magnificent impressionist, Edgar Degas.

“AGO is the only North American venue for Drama & Desire. Many of the famous artworks are on loan from the world’s greatest museums – including the Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.” A must see in my eyes!

* Photo: http://www.ago.net/


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