TOP SHOP: in Tdot

To say that a major fashion retailer, Top Shop has finally arrived in Canada is a hyperbole. For something that has been hyped up by fashion magazines, newspapers, and blogs for the past couple of months, Top Shop was a personal disappointment. Located in the back of a lovely and fashion forward store, Jonathan + Olivia (owned by Jackie O’Brien), there were only a few, personally picked by Jackie, Top Shop pieces displayed in a fairly small space. Personally, the area dedicated to Top Shop merchandise could have more clothes and shoes packed into it. None the less, I’m sure Jackie had to stay in sync with the rest of the décor of Jonathan + Olivia. In addition, the Top Shop pieces presented at the store where nothing extremely special that can’t be found somewhere else in Tdot. 

 Although I’m glad that I went, I doubt I will be returning frequently. Hopefully, following in the steps of N.Y.C Top Shop, the Tdot location will expand into a stand-alone store soon…until, then! 

Top Shop in the back of Jonathan + Olivia


* Photo:


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