Confessions of a Discount Shopper: Last Call Outlet Malls

Although this will not come as a surprise to many but “smart” (a.k.a. discount) shopping in the States can turn a regular gal into a monstrous shopaholic. I was always aware of the great deals one can get at a designer last call store. However, I had no idea how sweet the deals could actually get! Christian Dior sunglasses originally priced at US $365, on sale for US $120 with an additional 65% off (if you’re lazy to do the math the final price is US $42!). I was, and still am, blown away by the fabulous deals. What kills me most is the fact that many ladies still pay full price for designer merchandise. Even though getting that gorgeous paper bag that your full-price purchase comes in, is a great way to show everyone that you can afford expensive things, or at least it makes it looks as if you can afford luxury goodies, the bottom line is: designer houses make a profit even off of your discounted purchase. In my view, purchase a nice thing at a discount without the paper bag and eat for an extra week.

I realize that many women have started shopping ‘smarter‘ in the last couple of years, bottom line is save up during the year and go nuts at last call outlets! Be adorable and smart!

Some of the great deals:

Coach leather purse: Retail US $349; Smart Shopper Paid: US $119.99

Cole Haan Heels: Retail $328; Smart Shopper Paid: US $153

Single Dress Contemporary Dress (100% silk shell and lining): Retail US $261; Smart Shopper Paid: $45

Retail US $328 Discounted to US $153



4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Discount Shopper: Last Call Outlet Malls

  1. Unbelievable buys in the US. I don’t know why they don’t have those kinds of discount designer shops in the Canada! I would love to see a Neiman Marcus or Saks or anything like that in TO.

    • Unfortunately the steal wasn’t mine, my awesome friend Andrea purchased the shoes and she can’t wait to show them off. They are actually quite comfortable as they have special Nike Air technology!

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