NATIVE SHOES: ‘Footwear for anybody, anywhere, anytime’

Miller in Canyan Green

Comfortable shoes are hard to come by. Comfortable, practical, lasting, fashionable, funky and Canadian shoes are that much harder to come by! What’s surprising is that I found these perfect pair of (Canadian) shoes in Miami where one of the hotel staff (I was staying at) was sporting them. Since I’ve never seen a pair of shoes like that before, I had to know the brand and once I did, Google was the next step to finding out more about Native Shoes. You can imagine how surprised I was to learn that the masterminds behind the brand are Canadian, based in Vancouver to be exact. The surprises didn’t stop there. Not only are the shoes fly, comfy, practical and lightweight – they are made out of a material that is somewhere between rubber and vinyl, and are designed to naturally hug the shape of your foot – they are 100% washable and are truly a green shoe! I found out that their manufacturing process barely creates any energy emission and no waste. Native Shoes have 3 main styles: the Miller, the Jefferson and the Corrado and come in a variety of colours with fun names.

Although the shoes are sold all over the world, no retailers or stores carry Native Shoes in Tdot, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed because of this. Nonetheless, check out their web-site (links section). Some stores that carry Native Shoes have web-sites where their funky styles can be purchased.

Corrado in Hollywood Pink


Jefferson in Pylon Orange


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