M.I.A Maya

Cover M.I.A Maya CD


I was truly excited for the release of M.I.A’s third CD, Maya. I have always been a fan of her upbeat, crazy and politically charged beats and lyrics. Maya, unfortunately, wasn’t as fun and different as her previous records. Personally, I found the musical sound of most of the songs ‘experimental’, meaning that nothing like this has been done before, it has a bit of a trial-and-error sound to it, and the musical boundaries are certainly being tested here. A number of tracks are dark and unpleasant to the ear i.e. scratching, glitches, and repetition. Other tracks have an auto-tune/ techno/ pop beat to them. Nonetheless, M.I.A did make a singing effort on every single song. However, I don’t think there are any chart toppers on Maya.    

 TOP 3 favourite tracks: It takes a muscle, Tell me why, and XXXO.       

That said I still enjoy M.I.A and only wish the best for her and her career.   


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