Comedy Now!

Mark Little

Although the taping of Season 14 Comedy Now!, a comedy TV show broadcasted on CTV and The Comedy Network, is now over, I had the pleasure to attend 2 out of the 4 nights (thanks to couple of friends who work there). Free shows occurred every night from Wednesday, July 14th to Saturday, July 17th 2010 at the Masonic Temple – MTV building on Yonge St. and Davenport St.  

 Knowing that Russell Peters and Sugar Sammy got their first big break on Comedy Now!, I was expecting to see at least one great performance out of the four. Instead, every stand-up act was hilarious, different and special in its own way. I was very surprised at the quality of stand up! The four brilliant comedians I got a pleasure to laugh with were Mark Little, Richard Ryder, Jonny Harris and Ali Rizvi Badshah. My personal 2 favourites were Jonny Harris – an actor from Murdoch Mysteries, and Mark Little. Nonetheless, if you get a chance to see any of these guys, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

 Currently, Season 12 is on CTV every Saturday night at 10pm. You can also check out the episodes online at

 Super special thanks to Nadine and Andrew, as well as the rest of the CTV/ MTV employees for organizing the show, and getting me in hassle free.


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