The Grilled Cheese: Kensington, Tdot

The Grilled Cheese Menu July 2010


To open a restaurant that serves only grilled cheese sandwiches is pretty gutsy. Firstly, not everyone likes grilled cheese sandwiches. Secondly, as a business owner, you’re limiting your options. Thirdly, making a profit must be difficult because of the first two.  That said, The Grilled Cheese, a restaurant in the heart of Kensington that’s appropriately named after it’s one and only dish, is a gem.  

The Beast


The Grilled Cheese restaurant was put together from scraps of wood and lots of hard work, and it reminded me of an old, comfy cabin rather than a Tdot restaurant. There were ten different grilled cheeses to choose from and a soup of the day, but because it was extremely hot and being Kensington market air-conditioning is rare, soup of the day wasn`t appropriate. My friend Amy and I decided to split THE BEAST – a grilled cheese sandwich with jalapeño havarti, cheddar, bacon, turkey, spinach, tomato, and onion – served with half a pickle and crisps. And what a delicious beast it was! It wasn`t as greasy as I expected, and it tasted fresh (the sandwiches are made from ingredients bought every morning at the Kensington Market)!  

I have to admit that I prefer a grilled cheese to a hamburger, and would return again for an unhealthy lunch option. Worth mentioning is the fact that everyone who left The Grilled Cheese was very satisfied, and let the chef/ owner know that.  

The Grilled Cheese is located at 66 Nassau St, Toronto in Kensington.  It’s worth checking it out.


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