Little Nicky's Cappuccino and Donuts


For a delicious, creamy cup of Cappuccino and mini-donuts (with a choice of cinnamon or cocoa sprinkles) made right in front of you, head over to Little Nicky’s Coffee on Peter St. and Queen St. West. 

The name and the logo are inspired by Renee’s, the owner, love for her Chihuahua, Nicky. Everyone who works at Little Nicky’s are Renee’s immediate family, and they do a fab job at creating a friendly, authentic Queen St. West atmosphere (which is almost absent from that area now). After ordering 6 mini donuts with our cappuccino, my fried and I decided to get an extra dozen and did not regret it at all! I swear that the calories are worth it. Daily sandwiches, fresh squeezed juices and an array of coffee drinks are also offered at Little Nicky’s. That in addition to the 1930’s inspired atmosphere with pleasant customer service makes Little Nicky a hit in my books. I can’t wait to go back! 

Fresh Donuts at Little Nicky's


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