When was the last time you had a fresh homemade breakfast and the most spectacular, creamy latte at a restaurant? If you’d like to experience the flavour, the ambience and the openness of a Parisian cafe in Tdot, visit bonjour Brioche (812 Queen St. E).

For those living in the neighbourhood, bonjour Brioche has been a weekend morning staple. The warm, inviting smell spreads through the small cafe that serves some of the most delicious, healthy French breakfasts under $10. My biggest surprise was the bowl of latte, two of which I drank over the course of 3 hours, and I still can’t forget how heavenly they were. I wake up every morning thinking about those lattes, hoping that Starbucks would steal the recipe somehow. Bonjour Brioche is also a bakery that would be on the top of my list for a party gift, as their tarts – so many I don’t even want to start naming– are nothing less of perfect.

If you would like to experience the amazing food and atmosphere of bonjour Brioche over the weekend, I would advise to be at the door before 9:30am (they open at 8am!). Also, keep in mind that it is only open till 4pm daily and closed on Mondays. As for menu suggestions, I doubt any customer has ever left unsatisfied, thus order what your stomach desires and do not forget to taste the latte! Check out the menu online (links section).


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