THE SPORT GALLERY: Celebrating the Art of Sport

It’s rare for a man and a woman to walk into a boutique and go “wow” with more excitement than a 5 year old in a candy store. Believe me, such a place does exist! It’s called The Sport Gallery, located in the Distillery District (55 Mill St., Building 32, Suite 103 Toronto). Even though, I visited the boutique with my friend Sue, and both of us were in absolute awe, the guys that were in there were literally in heaven!

I fell in love with The Sport Gallery for couple of reasons. 1. It is based on a unique and novel idea of a boutique specifically dedicated to high quality, historical sports photography from the SPORT magazine. 2. It also carries vintage inspired sport clothing including jackets, jerseys, hats, runners, and shirts (mostly for guys but ladies soon to come also). 3. It is one of the best organized and presented stores I’ve ever seen in Toronto, all the products are in sight, and it has an authentic look and feel to it. 4. The manager and the mastermind behind all this is a very pleasant and beautiful young superstar, Cayleigh Parrish – yup, guys, it is a lady!

I have already referred a few of my guy and girl friends to visit The Sport Gallery as it’s the perfect boutique for presents for any sports fan, or just yourself.  Check out the web-site (links) and make sure to visit the boutique, you’ll love it!


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