DEMO SOAP: Feed Your Skin

Demo Mango Soap

All ladies and gents enjoy going to the spa (you don’t have to admit it, but you do). But there are always days when you’d much rather have your own spa experience at home. The at-home-spa experience can be enhanced with amazing bath products. Demo, a natural and hand crafted soap and bath product line out of Toronto, is absolutely fabulous for those who enjoy having affordable luxurious bath products at home.

I ran into Demo in the Distillery District on a sunny Saturday morning, but their main studio is located in the Liberty Village (171 East Liberty St. Suite 123). Their soaps are one of the best, if not the best, for my sensitive skin – they’re made from 100% vegetable oil-based glycerine. They all smell delicious, ranging from pleasantly fruity (mango and grapefruit) to classically natural (orchid and spearmint) to cake-a-licious (caramel and coffee brownie). In addition, the smart design and shapes of every single product is guaranteed to put a smile on your face (they would also make for amazing gifts). I have to add that Demo is not only for women. The soaps made with essential and fragrance oils such as sandalwood, cucumber and pomegranate would appeal to guys.

Check out Demo online (post links) and be sure to visit their studio! I will defiantly gift their products for any occasion.


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