ROBYN BODY TALK PT.3: The most killingest pop star on the planet!

Robyn "Body Talk"

My love for Robyn’s music and her general image is indestructible. She’s probably one of the last standing artists that treats her fans with utmost respect. She keeps us updated all the time and actually cares! Below is an amazing e-mail I got from her regarding Body Talk Pt.3 to be released in November.

To listen to Robyn’s tracks, see the art work, and be the first one to know everything, check out her facebook page and her web-site.


Body Talk: Released…

USA – 22nd Nov

Scandinavia – 22nd Nov

Australia – 26th Nov

UK – 29th Nov

Germany – 3rd Dec
I’m going to keep mixing up my tours with studio time and am hoping to stick to this new way of releasing music next year. This is the third, last part and completion of the Body Talk album. It was never my goal to break some kind of a world record in how many songs I could release in a year. Although I think it would count as a pretty good attempt, it’s been about the process for me. It’s been very interesting to try and figure out a more organic way of making music. A way that is unbiased and has it’s starting point in what feels logical to me, but also to the listeners.

Even though it was never a conceptual idea, but a practical solution to the problem of getting bored with just doing one thing at a time, it has influenced not only the music, but all the visual content for the album as well. And the way I’ve communicated with press and listeners. It’s been amazing to share the process with you. As soon as I have had an idea of what I’m doing so have the fans and that interaction has been super interesting and fun to me. As I’m writing this, I am still mixing the third album.
There are 5 new songs ready to be released and I’m also including music from Body talk pt 1 and 2 to complete this body of work in what will make the turbo version of the Body Talk album. Thanks for tagging along with me on this ride!


1. Fembot

2. Don´t fucking tell me what to do

3. Dancing on my own

4. Indestructible

5. Time Machine

6. Love kills

7. Hang with me

8. Call your girlfriend

9. None of dem

10. We dance to the beat

11. U should know better

12. Dance hall queen

13. Get myself together

14. In my eyes

15. Stars 4-ever


//Konichiwa Records HQ

* Photo: Robyn’s facebook fan page


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