I am so excited for the opening of the Narwhal Boutique in Tdot’s Rosedale/ Summerhill area (8 Price St. Suite 101)! The excitement comes from 2 sources. First: they carry some of the most amazing, fashion forward and quality brands including Ken Diamond (I blogged about his leather goods way back when), Iro, and Bodkin under one roof. Second: it has Queen St. West feel to it without the pushing and shoving.

One thing I would like to point out is do not confuse the Narwhal Boutique with the Narwhal Art Projects on Queen West. It’s my understanding that the Narwhal Art Gallery already is or pursuing to sue the Narwhal Boutique for stealing it’s name… drama!! well deserved though. Narwhal Art Projects has a good case to take legal action against the boutique as they registered their name literally few months before the boutique registered theirs in 2009. (Source: Globe and Mail, Oct.8.2010 When Two Narwhals Go to War).

Eitherway, do check out Narwhal boutique before anything serious happens… I’m going to hope for the best.


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