Amy Winehouse – a fabulous singer. Fred Perry – a great quality basics label. Amy Winehouse collaborating with Fred Perry is a disaster.

This is similar to Lindsay Lohan collaborating with Ungaro… a mistake! Amy does not have a good rep, thus bad publicity for Fred Perry, nor does she have any sense of style (wearing 50’s inspired clothing from vintage shops that your stylists picks, does not translate into you being a designer). Who will they market the black, pink and white collection to?!?! 14 year olds?

As much as I love Amy for her vocal talent and believe that Back to Black was one of the best albums of the year, I have lost great respect for Fred Perry for collaborating with her. I would much rather get their regular polo, which is not cheap to begin with, than a black and pink polo with Amy’s name on it for twice the price! Labels should stop collaborating with musicians, models and actresses, even if they are desperate for publicity and cash. Do it the way Lacroix did it, go under with pride!

The first of 4, Perry – Winehouse’s collections is now out in stores. I was petrified to find it in one of the boutiques on Queen West! You can check out the full collection on Fred Perry’s web-site.

P.S. This post was published before Amy’s death. I would like to express my utmost sorrow for such a great loss. It is too sad to see such a fantastic talent leave us so early.

Polo, belt and skirt from Amy Winehouse's for Fred Perry collection

* All photos came from Fred Perry’s web-site


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