N●E●R●D Nothing

One four letter word – love – repeated 50 times and that’s how I feel about N*E*R*D’s new CD, Nothing. This is a collection of 10 tracks that can be listened to anywhere, anytime, no matter what mood you’re in because it’s classic. With only two collaborations on the whole CD with T.I and Nelly Furtado, the CD is unique as every song has its own feel to it. Given that Pharrell is one good looking and stylish man (he brought skinny jeans and Sperry’s a.k.a. white boy look, into the hip-hop world, Lil’ Wayne just copied), his vocals on this album make him more desirable because of his talent.

One thing that is puzzling about the album is the cover… I’m sure it has a political underline to it but why and how it relates to the CD, I don’t get. I also dislike when artists try to express their political beliefs through arts that’s not related to their skill level, such as a politically charged album cover (photography) on an album that has no political reference in the lyrics. I would have much rather preferred N*E*R*D’s faces on it.

I honestly can’t choose my favourite 3 tracks on this CD because all of the songs are my favourite. However, Hypnotize U (Video on the right), has been on repeat in my car and on my ipod for the last 3 days.

N●E●R●D Nothing – Satisfaction Guaranteed

P.S. there are lots of great CDs coming out at this time, be sure to explore the selection. One of my favourite web-sites to get reviews from and see what’s new is Q the Music (Love Links).


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