SPEECH by Michael Mercanti

Nail Cross, Bat Skull, The Crown of Thorns, Rose Stem, and Acid Coral Necklaces

Finally, something new in rock n roll, unpolished, edgy jewellery other than a skull or studs. I am in love with a Tdot jewellery designer’s, Michael Mercanti, new Speech collection, A Paradise Lost.  I became intrigued by the collection coming across it in an article in a fashion magazines but I fell in love once I saw it at the AGO. The shapes, cuts, its tenseness, and the fact that it can be worn by women and men, make any piece of jewellery from A Paradise Lost my favourite gift for anyone this Christmas season…. or any season. I am also truly obsessed with the religious inspirations of this collection!! I do have to clarify the intensity of this collection, it seems. I can wear any piece of jewellery to work (where most women wear pearls, diamond or tiffany & co) as well as to a punk rock concert and get compliments. It is very versatile, high quality and artistic. Something you can keep on every day, enjoy and feel unique wearing.

Some of my favourite pieces are the bat skull, rose stem cross and a nail ring. The Crown Of Thorns necklace, however, is the show stopper of the collection. I would prefer to have couple of bracelets in the collection also, but that is just a personal preference.

* Photos from Speech web-site


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