Le PETIT BERET: Danielle Suppa

The berets will run you between $50 and $75. For the list of stores that carry Le Petit Beret, visit the web-site. By the way, the site is absolutely amazing, very feminine, clean and easy. Danielle also included instructions on how to wear her petit creations.My favourites: leopard and stripe from the fall/winter beret collection, ivory and petal blush from the Ballet collection.

P.S. check out an amazing comment from Danielle Suppa herself below! Exciting 🙂 Thanks for the love and keep it comin’!

Leopard Beret

Petal Blush Beret

* All photos are from le Petit Beret web-site.


2 thoughts on “Le PETIT BERET: Danielle Suppa

  1. bonjour natalie!
    this may be a little belated, but just wanted to say merci beaucoup for your lovely and thoughtful post about petit beret. i just came across it the other day and wanted to let you know how much i appreciate it.

    feel free to keep yourself up to date on all things beret related with my blog- http://lepetitblog.tumblr.com/.

    thanks again!

    (ps. to clarify one point on pricing- the core & fall/winter berets range from $50-60, while the ballet collection berets range from $60-$75).

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