Sea Urchin Ring

I came upon RedSofa jewellery at the OneofaKind show (Dec.2010) in Tdot, and fell head over heels for the stunning, naturally inspired, matchless sterling silver pieces. The fact that Joanna Szkiela, the mastermind behind RedSofa, is very personable and unique makes it a no brainer that RedSofa is my favourite jewellery brand/ line. (Note to upcoming and existing designers: snobbishness and arrogance eliminates dedicated customers overtime).

RedSofa, based out of Montreal, has some of the most beautifully and artistically crafted sterling silver rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Mostly, Joanna tends to get carried away, in the most distinctive and lovely way, with her rings and

Step Ahead Necklace

necklaces. I love the fact that each piece is delicate and bold at the same time. It’s difficult to find statement jewellery pieces that can be worn everyday, and RedSofa captures that effortlessly. Joanna’s jewellery seems to be inspired by everyday observations. It’s as if Joanna notices certain photos and things and creates a mould that captures and represents how she feels about her observations. Joanna is ahead of the curb in terms jewellery design. If you can get at least one of her pieces, you’re guaranteed to be the one of the first fashionably forward individuals before the rest of the jewellery designers catch on and start copying RedSofa designs.

This was very difficult for me to do but some of my

Black Walnut Ring

 favourites are: in & out ring (proudly worn on my right hand), sea urchin ring, one step ahead necklace, and bahama mama necklace.

If you can’t go to Montreal to visit RedSofa studio, you can purchase limited pieces here. I would really like to see a more updated RedSofa website, as well as be able to see a bigger selection on their online store, as I saw gorgeous jewellery pieces at the OneofaKind show that aren’t featured online.

RedSofa is definitely my favourite discovery of 2010. Let the RedSofa empire expand and take over!

not enough! vintage revival, one of a kind by RedSofa


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