Fairly embarrassing but, I recently found out that one of my favourite clothing lines since high school, Gentle Fawn, is Canadian. On the other hand, I was excited to learn this as I am very passionate to write my first post of 2011 on a brand I have liked for years.

Gentle Fawn Clothing is based in Vancouver, and was born in 2003 through a collaboration between husband and wife, Daniel and Carla Hogg. One of the biggest reasons why I`ve taken notice of this Canadian young sexy brand is because it constantly delivers collections that are creative-casual and urban-classy that can be worn during the day and well into the night, and look like you belong.  The quality of each piece, that I`ve seen, is always exceptional, the prints and colours are fun but not too bright, and the fabrics are gentle and soft. No wonder it’s done so well in North America and Europe!

Numerous stores in Toronto carry Gentle Fawn. The ones that I constantly visit are Girl Friday, Tabula Rasa and Authentic Couture. For a full list of retailers and online stores carrying this fly brand, check out their web-site.

3 of my favourite looks from Fall 2010 Collection are:

*All photos are from Gentle Fawn Clothing web-site.

P.S. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and have a fabulous 2011. LOVE.


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