Bicyclette Boutique is an online shopping hot spot for young, fresh and new ladies. I found out about this lovely enchanted, online boutique through a friend of mine who invited me to their pop-up shop opening. Although the pop-up shop has closed, relocated, and the new location closed also, the online boutique is always there to warm my heart on days when I feel like shopping but don’t want to leave the comfort of my laptop, or just feel like ‘window shopping’/ browsing without sales staff asking me if I need help.

Although there is an astounding amount of online boutiques out there, the reason I enjoy Bicyclette is because it features clothes relative to casual but chic ladies that like to have fun with their style. It also features unique labels that aren’t available at every boutique in Tdot.  It’s also very lovely and whimsical which makes it a breeze to browse though.  One last point, it’s based out of Toronto and run by one of our own, young entrepreneurs… a must to support. Thus, check our the site, blog and join on facebook.

My favourite 3 pieces from the New Items are:

Central Park West - Rio Grande Cardi

Motel - Dani Gold Bead Dress (knitted sheath dress)

Wildfox Couture - Baby Cheetah Sweater Dress

* All photos from


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