WE DRIP Collection

Tamé is a creative jewellery house in Montreal. Thus far, there are 4 collections: Les noeuds; We DRIP; The Magnet Collection; and Bipoilare. Each collection is creative and unique in their own right. For example, with The Magnet Collection, each necklace can be created into whatever you desire as each piece has couple of small magnets that connect other sides of the necklace together… absolutely brilliant and looks hot!

from The Magnet Collection, li`l jellyfish necklace

I am a huge fan of their web-site and particularly the photography. It`s clean, airy, sophisticated, beautiful and simple. I do hope that they will translate the web-site into english….
Most of the pieces from The Magnet Collection, bipilaire and les noeuds can be purchased on the etsy or supermarket. I can see how some ladies may be a little afraid to wear something  as creative and fun as  Tame, but the attention is worth it!

Les noeuds collection

Bipolaire Collection

* All photos from Tame site.


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