Big Pistol Pendant

While love is so difficult to define, when it comes to fun jewellery, love is in the air!

Elaine Ho is a jewellery creator and an accessories superstar based in Montreal (I am getting fed up with Montreal having all the artistic talent). Firstly, I truly enjoy finding fun, petite necklaces that are going to grab peoples’ attention. Elaine Ho is a master at creating miniscule, ridiculously adorable, fun and weird (in the best way possible) jewellery. I mean who would, in their right mind, design a necklace with a dead bunny as the centre piece? Yup, Elaine Ho would, AND she would make it so awesome you would not want to take it off…ever!

Elaine also creates purses and clothes, however, I believe she should concentrate on jewellery and design the other stuff under a different name/ label.  Even though I am not bashing her leather accessories line, (I would get one of her purses) I just think she has such a great talent for jewellery design, she should focus on designing and marketing her silver and gold creations with the attention it deserves.

Finally, although this is an insignificant reason, I love Elaine Ho because she loves cats and she has a black cat just like I do.

My Favourites: everything!

Oh, and Elaine has an amazing blog, you HAVE to check it out. She actually puts time and effort into it and it’s hysterically funny, informative and personal with some great photos.

14K gold anchor pendant

Triple Skull Necklace

Studded Banana Pendant


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