When a designer’s tag line is “live the life you love”, I am pretty much drawn to it already. In particular, barilà clothing and it’s President & Designer, Sabrina, have coined this tag line to perfection. Designed in Montreal, Quebec, and strictly manufactured in Canada, barilà is the reason why I continuously strive to support Canadian talent. We have so much of it, and barely ever give it a chance.

I met with Sabrina and got introduced to barilà during 2011 Spring One of a King Show in Toronto. Firstly, the booth stood out purely due to the amazing quality clothing that was displayed. Secondly, Sabrina can hold her own without saying a word, she just has an amazing presence.

In general terms, barilà clothing ranges from sexy to casual and from conservative to fun. It’s very well-tailored with hints of edgy as well as soft lines. There is something for everyone who wants to stay youthful, flirty and fun but keep it sophisticated and classy. I think the following describes this relaxed urban line to perfection: “ideal for the socially active woman who loves to have fun with her wardrobe.” Although I have only been exposed to this latest collection, I would love to see more tailored pants. I’m certain Sabrina would achieve an ideal, everyday black trouser without difficulty.

Check out the web-site and especially each of the 5 fantastic fashion videos highlighting the 5 main pieces from barilà’s latest collection. You can judge a book by its cover, especially if the cover is this good!

On another note, unfortunately no stores carry barilà in Toronto, but keep your fingers crossed! Click here for a list of distributors.

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