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Integration of fashion with video media has never been an interest of mine. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why houses create, produce and showcase fashion videos. I’ve seen a few and the following always turn me off from watching them: indy music, an over sexualized-skinny model, barely any clothes, and if fashion is showcased, it’s usually very limited.

As always, there are exceptions and I am always open to be proved wrong. Thierry Mugler, a fashion house that in the last few years has come out from the dark 2000’s with the help and obsession of Lady Gaga, has created my favourite fashion video “The Zombie Boy“. How does this relate to In Vogue? The actual Zombie Boy is a Montreal Canadian covered with Zombie/ skeleton-like tattoos, his name is Rick Genest. Lady Gaga has become a fan of his, featured him in her “Born This Way” video and I’m sure influenced Thierry Mugler to feature him in this fashion video.

The Zombie Boy Fashion Video is, currently, the one and only fashion video I watched a couple of times, beginning to end, and really enjoyed everything from the  raw rock music, to the unconventional model to the artistic black and white video to the fact that there is an actual runway fashion featured. This shows that Thierry Mugler and Gaga actually know what they’re doing and leading the fashion industry forward instead of following everyone else.


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