As much as I try to keep In Vogue centred on Canadian fabulous things  (jewellery especially), quite often I find myself in love with many international creations. Thus,  I have to cheat on my Canadian obsession; and I have Brook&Lyn to blame.

Mimi Jung is a blogger, designer, fashion consultant, and mastermind behind Brook&Lyn jewellery collection based out of New York City. The premier jewellery collection ‘Surrounded’ is a 2 part story: Surrounded by Day – a collection with  light, summery and calming feel to it; Surrounded by Night – a collection of dark, deep and mysterious pieces. I think it’s so clever that there is a story line in a jewellery collection that just draws the consumer in, women in particular. I always look for statement jewellery pieces that are just perfectly insane enough for individuals to notice and not be sure whether they like it or not but once being surrounded by you wearing the piece, they are forced to love it. Sort of statement jewellery that grows on you. That’s what I feel like Brook&Lyn is. It’s bold, colourful, organic and new. The pieces will reach optimum popularity in the fashion world and among the everyday working ladies who aren’t afraid of being noticed. However, if you’re anything like me, you want to have that masterpiece at least a season before it clicks into the general public.

Purchasing Brook&Lyn is easy, either through the site or through

* Photos from Brook&Lyn Web-Site &

P.S. there may be more cheating on Canadian design and designer,  I am sorry!!!!!!


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