No surprise that I am a HUGE fan of Atelier L.A.F. I’ve been wearing their mini skull studs since April 2011… even to work, everyday!

This extremely talented brother-sister duo from Montreal built an almost too-good-to-be-true jewelry brand. Andrew Floyd, MFA Metals & Jewelry Arts and SUNY New PAltz, is the creator and designer of the jewelry. His designs are true rock-n-roll: detailed, chunky, passionate, bold, intricate and timeless. Andrew himself looks like a classic rocker: long hair, big rings and bracelets, worn jeans and big eyes.  Laura Floyd, the president, is the perfect face for the brand as she is extremely sweet, conversational and has an understated personal style that can be described as a classic, hip Montreal girl.

One suggestion to  Atelier L.A.F I would make is  their web-site desperately needs an update and continuous upkeep. Given how much I adore this brand and would like for them to achieve maximum popularity, the web-site (especially the online shop) needs a facelift as it is the international face of the company. I’ve also seen the quality and uniqueness of Atelier L.A.F jewelry that I wish everyone could see, it’s truly fabulous!

Check Atelier L.A.F on Facebook.

Earrings I cannot live without. “These Memento Mori pieces remind us of our mortality so that we may live our life to the fullest” Atelier L.A.F

* Photos from Facebook Atelier L.A.F page & Personal


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