I adore good magazines. What makes a good magazine?  The creativity of editorials and, more importantly, well written, inspiring and resourceful articles. I can count a handful of glossies that I actually enjoy reading, which is quite sad. Thankfully, I have a new one to add to my list – Dress to Kill Magazine.

I got a free copy of the Jean Paul Gaultier issue at my hair salon. Three things that stood out right away:

1. The cover with eccentric colouration. 2. While quickly flipping through the mag, I liked the editorials that were a mix between I.D. and Vogue. 3. Letter from the Editor, Stéphane Le Duc, who is a seasoned fashion professional as well as a great writer, was far beyond any intro piece I’ve read in a mag.

Other things that stood out after a thorough read include: everything! Particularly, the detailed feature on Jean Paul Gaultier was fabulous. He has been covered in all Canadian magazines due to his exhibit in The Montreal Museum of Fine Art, however, Dress to Kill really outdid themselves with a few articles all in relation to Jean Paul and his career. Although the mag is mostly in English, certain sections are in French – a lovely twist even for those who can’t read French (I love it!). In addition to having ads and fashion/ beauty editorials (some better photographed than others), Dress to Kill covers cultural events, music, art, and design.

Basically, it’s an all-encompassing glossy that will keep you entertained, interested and enlightened.

Dress to Kill is based in Montreal! This is the second Canadian magazine in the last year to significantly impact my day at the salon and hopefully forever!


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