It is so exciting to have an up and coming Canadian luxury clothing brand with sass, experience, schooling, undeniable talent and glamour similar to other international couture women’s clothing brands.

Martin Lim is a young brand out of Montreal with Danielle Martin and Pao Lim as the designer geniuses with great fashion-arts education and luxury brand experience.  They have two collections done and out of the way. I found both collections elegant with a touch of glamor that is sophisticated and modern, tailored, and detailed. Although for a girl who isn’t a size 0 and 6 feet tall, some of the dresses may be a little too round. Never the less, couture fashion is luxury and can’t look flattering on all… note to those who buy clothing just cause it’s designer.

I can’t believe how excited I am for more Canadian high end clothing brands (not just Canadian designers who are the rave in the couture world) to hit it big! Martin Lim is definitely on my radar.

Martin Lim Autum 2011 Left: Julia/ Sascha Right: Miki/ Megan

Martin Lim SS 2011 Ana Dress


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